I’ve known Tango for a while now and I’ve always said I would love to snap a few photos of him. As things do, time slipped by.  I then heard ,a few weeks ago, that he wasn’t doing so well. He had worsening heart disease and kidney failure. His family was doing all they could to help him have a good quality of life. We made plans to have me come by as soon as we could. This was my first time doing an indoor home session before but how else do you photograph a cat?

Ask him to go outside and sit really nice in the snow for you? uh….no.

His mom and I went, found him under the bed, and then stalked him (nicely) for a while until he came out to see what we wanted. He’s a 12 1/2 year old Tabby  so he really doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to. He came out from under the bed, meowed, and then allowed us to pet him briefly.
He then went downstairs, for the first time, and grabbed a bite to eat….wondering again….who was this paparazzi and why did she want to watch him eat?
 Upstairs again we went for some more cat talk and images of this handsome guy.
I mean come on, look at those blue eyes.
He went to go check out his sister’s room.
And then back down the stairs again to go check things out.
And then, as I am packing up to leave, he finally goes to one of his favorite spots on the back of the couch to survey his domain.  You are a sweet guy, Tango. Thank you for letting me photograph your beautiful face.

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