Every time I would go to Sidney’s house, she would shuffle on over to me and nudge my hand to get some pets. She loved to be petted on the head and she knew I would happily oblige. If you ever stopped…..she would nudge you again with that nose. Sidney was old and had bad hips so she didn’t like sitting and would stand and stand as long as you would pet her. She also loved any food you would give her. How could you say no to that face?

Sidney’s mom had  told me that she was not doing so great for a while and now she was getting worse, her liver levels were super high and there wasn’t anything they could do except love on her. I wanted to get over there and take some photos of the gorgeous girl and that little nudgy nose. With older pets, an at home session seem to be the best way to go. They feel comfortable and happy at their own home and yard. There is no need to take them anywhere else.

We started in the living room after she woke up from her nap in her bed when she noticed that someone was there. Oh hey, you are the lady that pets  me, right?
Then we went outside on her front porch and front yard. Her brown and white fur was so soft and beautiful.
Oh… that sweet look gets me every time.
And THAT is the look….the please feed me or pet me look.
She looks so regal here. Like she should be on the cover of Town and Country magazine.  That would be ok with me.
I will miss your nose nudges and  and your little brown tuft of hair on the top of your head. Lots of love and pets to you, Sidney. Until we meet again.

Kara - April 17, 2017 - 9:33 pm

Thank you so much for taking pictures of my girl! She was such a sweetheart and is deeply missed

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