First Polo Game at Southern Spring Polo

Being out of the horse world as long as I have, I didn’t know we had a new polo farm/field and it is only 30 minutes from my house named Southern Springs Polo in Eureka, MO.   They posted last weekend their Facebook page they were  having a social summer polo match. I told my hubby to pack up the kids because I’ve always wanted to watch a polo match. The day was warm but very cloudy with some light rain sprinkles that  went on during most of the time we watched.  I loved watching the horses and riders gallop up and down the field. Those horses are such athletes and  have such endurance. And don’t forget about the riders that really have to have talent to hit that small ball while galloping down a grassy field while steering the horse and watching out for the other riders. It was a exciting match and I can’t wait to go back soon especially is I can grab a longer lens and get some closer photos of these beautiful horses.

The farm and match was great and low key. I highly recommend going and checking it out.

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