Your Session

Before Your session

When you decide to go with Emily Hughes Photography, I will send you some forms to fill out and bring to our session. A model release and a contract so we are all on the same page about our session together. I’ll talk to you via either phone or email.

We will talk about a few things:
-Where you want to take photos? Don’t have a place ? don’t worry , I have lots of ideas.
-What kind of vision you have for your photos?
-Do you like the more natural look of a park or do you prefer some building around you?
-Do you want to bring anything to photograph with like your kids’ favorite toys? your pet?
– What do you want to do with your photos? Cards? Wall art? post online?

If you have questions or need suggestions about what to wear, I can help you with that as well. It’s all about coordinating, not matching. Dress for comfort , not fashion.

At the Session

I will always get to our session about 10-15 minutes early to scope out where we are going to take our photos and so that you see your photographer and aren’t wondering where to go.

For Family Sessions…..

If we haven’t met before, we’ll say hi. I’ll talk to everyone, get to know you a little and make sure we are all loosened up and ready to go. We will walk and talk and sit and run and act silly to get real reactions and real smiles from everyone. I usually like to get a bunch of group shots while everyone is cooperating and then move on to some just kid shots and then some one on one kid shots. When it is the just the kids’ turn, if the everyone is comfortable , I will ask mom and dad to hang back a bit so that the kiddos only focus on me . Kids will usually listen differently to someone they don’t know more than their parents. As the mother of two small girls, this is just a fact. You can still be where you can see us but far enough away that they don’t want to run to you or think you are watching them.

For a kid only session……

Again, I will get to know the kids, talk to them let them know I’m not too bad. Then we will start out with the shots of them together while they are still fresh and still like each other for the time being. Again, I will ask my mom and dad to hang back so that the kids focus on me and the camera. They really do listen differently when the parents are close enough to give them a look or tell them to sit down. Then I will take some pictures with each child individually. If they are having an off day, I will work on changing that.


For pet only sessions…..

I will get to know you and your pet. We will play a little or just sit and let them check out who this strange person is. I will have a few snacks and toys to get them ready for some photographic fun. If they have treats or toys that get them all excited, by all means, please bring them. I want them to have fun. If we are at a location where they can safely go off leash/line, we will do that to get a more natural shot. I would love to catch some images of you and your pet, so don’t be surprised if I ask you to jump in there so plan ahead and wear something kind of nice but casual. It may just be your legs or arms or hands but just to be on the safe side If you think your pet behaves better after a good workout out or walk, please do so before our session.

After Our Session

We will say goodbye and I will go home and immediately download all of your images to my hard drives to start backing them up. I will start culling them to find the good, the great and the awesome. I use Photoshop to bring out the best in your images. Within 24-48 , I will post a sneak peak or two on my Facebook Page, if you are ok with that. Per our contract, in 3-4 weeks I will put together the best of the best and set up a online gallery where you get to choose your final images. I will send you a password to this gallery. You will see more images in the gallery than you get to take home with you. I believe in giving people a choice in which poses or images they want to be their final images. Images I might think are awesome , others may not. I understand how personal this is to you.

When you choose your final images, You will get the option of downloading them directly from the gallery or I will send you a flash drive. Along with your images, you will receive your print release so that you may print then how and where you please.

If you need any help deciding on what to print or a layout for some photos for a wall, I can help you with that too. Just send me an email and we can work on it together.

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