First Polo Game at Southern Spring Polo

Being out of the horse world as long as I have, I didn’t know we had a new polo farm/field and it is only 30 minutes from my house named Southern Springs Polo in Eureka, MO.   They posted last weekend their Facebook page they were  having a social summer polo match. I told my hubby to pack up the kids because I’ve always wanted to watch a polo match. The day was warm but very cloudy with some light rain sprinkles that  went on during most of the time we watched.  I loved watching the horses and riders gallop up and down the field. Those horses are such athletes and  have such endurance. And don’t forget about the riders that really have to have talent to hit that small ball while galloping down a grassy field while steering the horse and watching out for the other riders. It was a exciting match and I can’t wait to go back soon especially is I can grab a longer lens and get some closer photos of these beautiful horses.

The farm and match was great and low key. I highly recommend going and checking it out.

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Every time I would go to Sidney’s house, she would shuffle on over to me and nudge my hand to get some pets. She loved to be petted on the head and she knew I would happily oblige. If you ever stopped…..she would nudge you again with that nose. Sidney was old and had bad hips so she didn’t like sitting and would stand and stand as long as you would pet her. She also loved any food you would give her. How could you say no to that face?

Sidney’s mom had  told me that she was not doing so great for a while and now she was getting worse, her liver levels were super high and there wasn’t anything they could do except love on her. I wanted to get over there and take some photos of the gorgeous girl and that little nudgy nose. With older pets, an at home session seem to be the best way to go. They feel comfortable and happy at their own home and yard. There is no need to take them anywhere else.

We started in the living room after she woke up from her nap in her bed when she noticed that someone was there. Oh hey, you are the lady that pets  me, right?
Then we went outside on her front porch and front yard. Her brown and white fur was so soft and beautiful.
Oh… that sweet look gets me every time.
And THAT is the look….the please feed me or pet me look.
She looks so regal here. Like she should be on the cover of Town and Country magazine.  That would be ok with me.
I will miss your nose nudges and  and your little brown tuft of hair on the top of your head. Lots of love and pets to you, Sidney. Until we meet again.

Kara - April 17, 2017 - 9:33 pm

Thank you so much for taking pictures of my girl! She was such a sweetheart and is deeply missed

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I’ve known Tango for a while now and I’ve always said I would love to snap a few photos of him. As things do, time slipped by.  I then heard ,a few weeks ago, that he wasn’t doing so well. He had worsening heart disease and kidney failure. His family was doing all they could to help him have a good quality of life. We made plans to have me come by as soon as we could. This was my first time doing an indoor home session before but how else do you photograph a cat?

Ask him to go outside and sit really nice in the snow for you? uh….no.

His mom and I went, found him under the bed, and then stalked him (nicely) for a while until he came out to see what we wanted. He’s a 12 1/2 year old Tabby  so he really doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to. He came out from under the bed, meowed, and then allowed us to pet him briefly.
He then went downstairs, for the first time, and grabbed a bite to eat….wondering again….who was this paparazzi and why did she want to watch him eat?
 Upstairs again we went for some more cat talk and images of this handsome guy.
I mean come on, look at those blue eyes.
He went to go check out his sister’s room.
And then back down the stairs again to go check things out.
And then, as I am packing up to leave, he finally goes to one of his favorite spots on the back of the couch to survey his domain.  You are a sweet guy, Tango. Thank you for letting me photograph your beautiful face.

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Bella and Boomer-Summer Session

Bella and Boomer’s Mom wanted to get some”grownup” photos of them as she called them and even though it was September and super dooper hot, we went for it. And even with the super tongue we got from Boomer….. I loved the way they turned out.  I will be back in the fall to take some with the leaves changing. Bella has the best smile and  Boomer’s eyes are so pretty.



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