Printing Your Photos

Now you downloaded your awesome images from Emily Hughes Photography…………………………….Now what do you do?


All images ( unless you are printing 4×6 ) will be cropped by a lab to get to your desired size. Some sizes more than others. Sometimes it even crops out more than we would like. It’s a bummer but it happens to the best of us.  I  do my best to allow for extra room around your when I  take the image for cropping but it doesn’t always work out.

Whenever you go to the lab you wish to use, please make sure to utilize the view crop option that the good labs have. Sometimes it is nothing more than you using your mouse to move your image around in a box other times the option will appear when you get your image in the cart to order. Be aware of important things that could be close to the edge of your image and make sure they are not going to be lost when printed.

Please contact me and I can send you a jpeg example  to show you how cropping one image to many different sizes works.


All of your images were created in color. Only some in Black and white. If you choose the black and white option through a lab, they will not look at the same quality without being processed though my editing software. There is definitely an art to it that I have learned to do with success. Whenever you DO have a black and white image, please make sure and check the color box when ordering prints. If you choose the black and white box, your images will come out
dull and muddy. Yuck, you don’t want that.

Where to Print

I’m sure you want to print them out as soon as possible but… running to the closet retail 1 hour kiosk is not the answer. The images that were provided to you were shot, corrected, enhanced and then finished by your photographer. Time was spent making these images look the best that they can. Some retail photo departments can have a negative impact on the quality of your images. The computers there treat every images as the same and try to “ fix ” them as they go through the machine.
I myself have used these businesses to print out 4×6 images for my albums and in a pinch they are good. But I have some recommendations for you.


Creve Coeur Camera ( prices on the site)

They are a smaller lab that allows you choose in the ordering process that your images ARE NOT color corrected. This protects them from the “correction” of the machine. You also have control on how some images will be cropped. Use that control to make them look like you want them to.

My Photo Lab ( check with me for prices. Not too high . I promise)

I’ve started working with a pro photo lab here in town. Again, they give the artistic control to the photographer and not the machine.



This is a consumer Lab ran by a pro photo lab. They allow for the great control over your images but at a decent price and with the convenience of online ordering. They also will allow you to have final control over where you r images get cropped.


This lab is actually not too bad either. Since your images have been saved in the correct way on your disc, The printer shouldn’t have too much effect on them.
Saving your images

I recommend that you backup your images onto another cd, dvd, or an external hard drive to have another copy on hand in case something happens with your computer. Also, update the media you do save it to every few years as things do change and become obsolete. I am not responsible for providing a replacement should they become lost or erased. I only keep the files for a limited time.

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